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V3 Patrol LT Link

V3 Patrol LT Link

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Not compatible with all shocks on the carbon frame, see below for more details.  (alloy frame compatible with all stock shocks)


The Patrol LT link converts the Transition Patrol into the freeride machine it wants to be, without compromising on liveliness. By increasing the progression from 11% to 24%, it provides much better small bump sensitivity, mid-stroke support, and bottom out resistance. This creates more traction and mid-stroke support, while giving the bike substantially more bottom out resistance. As a result, you get a more confidence-inspiring ride that lets you smash through berms even harder and boost any jump without concern for how many roots or rocks might be in the way!

With 24% progression, the Patrol LT link will work well with air shocks as well as coils. If you are feeling like something needs to change with the shock, this link just might change your mind on that too! Without any retuning or modifications, the increase in performance with the stock shock is substantial. For those looking to run a coil on the Patrol, this link is without a doubt the way to go. It will allow the bike to not be over-sprung while having good bottom out resistance. The changes to the kinematics improve handling beyond what custom shock tunes and volume spacers can accomplish.

Along with the much improved leverage curve, the Patrol LT link also increases the Patrol’s travel to 168mm. This increase is a byproduct of the increased progression, but for park and shuttle days it’s a much-welcomed change. The increase in travel doesn’t compromise the bike’s ability to climb either.

Note: This link does NOT work with all stock shocks on the carbon Patrol.

If you have a Fox DHX2 or a Super Deluxe Coil IT WILL NOT WORK.

The carbon frame is only compatible with the Fox DPX2, DVO Jade X, DVO Topaz 2, and Push 11-6.

Alloy frames are compatible with the stock shocks (including DHX2 and Super Deluxe coil).


  • Fits V3 Patrol frames (2019 - 2020 carbon frames and 2018 - 2020 alloy frames)
  • Travel: 168mm (with stock 205x65mm shock)
  • Progression increases from 11% with stock link to 24% with our link
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Blue
  • Weight: 566 grams

Transition Patrol Link Leverage Ratio Chart

Please check your shock stroke before installing the link. This is the distance between the shock body and the surface on the spring retainer/clip that the bottom out bumper rests on. We have encountered shocks where the stroke is significantly more than it should be. There will be clearance issues if your stroke exceeds recommendations.

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