Links Landing Brief

Why should I upgrade my link?

Riders that benefit the most from a Cascade Components linkage tend to be aggressive riders or those that are looking to change the feel of their bike’s rear suspension in a new way. Many of these riders have already tried every combination of volume spacers, shock pressures, spring rates, or even fully custom shock tunes - and found that they are still unable to find settings that allow the bike to ride to their liking.

While a new linkage may be a terrific addition to many riders' bikes, it may not be the best option for all riders. Our linkages make the bike harder to bottom out, which may not suit everyone’s riding style or bike setup preferences.

What does a Cascade Components link do?

Replacing the linkage on your bike with a Cascade Components link changes the kinematics of the bike’s frame itself. It modifies certain variables of your suspension that standard shock tuning is unable to accomplish. Our linkages increase the bike’s suspension progression, as well as adds more suspension travel.

What is progression?

Progression is a measure of how the force required to compress the suspension increases as the bike moves through its suspension travel. More progression allows a certain spring to feel softer at the beginning of travel and stiffer as it is compressed.

Why do I want a link with more progression?

An ideal suspension setup is soft enough at the beginning of travel to absorb small bumps and track the ground, providing more traction and control, but is stiff enough through the end of travel to resist harsh bottom outs.

On bikes with limited progression, riders must setup their suspension too soft to get the traction they need, which then leads to excessive harsh bottom outs. If they setup their suspension stiff enough to keep from bottoming out as often, the bike’s suspension feels harsh and is harder to control when navigating roots and rocks.

A bike with more progression allows riders to achieve the best of both worlds, offering the rider a bike that has excellent small bump compliance while also being able to resist harsh bottom outs. Cascade Components linkages make it easier to attain a balanced suspension set up that doesn’t blow through its travel, while also having excellent small bump sensitivity. No over-springing or excessive damping is necessary.

*Example comparison chart, showing the changes in progression between a stock link and the Cascade Components link on a Norco Optic bike.

If your links are so great, why don’t manufacturers make their bikes this way from the start?

Manufacturers have an entire range of bikes and customers they are working to keep happy. Their bikes need to cater to the vast majority of riders, so they design accordingly. Our linkages cater to a smaller subset of riders looking to change the characteristics of their bike in a way that may not appeal to all riders.

Can't I achieve the same benefits by making adjustments to my shock?

More tokens in the shock can help you keep from bottoming out as often, but can come at the expense of the bike’s suspension feeling harsh as it nears the end of its travel.

Increasing and decreasing pressure can create a bike that has great traction or great bottom out resistance, but most bikes will not be able to achieve both traction and bottom out resistance without a linkage.

How hard is it to install a link on my bike?

Installing the link is easy, and most riders will be able to install one at home with basic hand tools. You bolt it on, adjust your shock, and go riding. Following the QR code that arrives with the linkage packaging will take you to our website, where you can find install instructions and torque specifications for your specific bike model. The linkages are a direct bolt on part and require no additional parts or modifications to install onto your bike.

Do you sell a link for my bike?

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