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Dalbello Lupo Walk Mode Lever

Dalbello Lupo Walk Mode Lever

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*We are now making more of these as a full on production part. We will have 50 sets in stock around January 20th and then more to follow as required after that. Orders will no longer be capped to a specific batch size since we expect to keep up with demand just fine.*

This is for Lupos year 2018 to current.

Massively more durable than the walk mode lever that comes on the boot and designed to add 2.5 degrees of forward lean. Being an assembly of CNC machined parts, the tolerances of the levers are much tighter so the levers themselves have little play and feel very robust.

The amount of forward lean was chosen to combat a dead spot type feel in the boot between neutral and when you flex into the tongue. Inspecting the shell without the liner in, we found that the back of the boot can lean forwards about 2 degrees before making contact with the rest of the boot shell. So there was 2 degrees worth of flexing into the tongue where the stiffness of the back of the boot was zero then after that you it would kick in again. With the 2.5 degrees of added forward lean, the back of the boot is always providing some amount of stiffness so that vague portion of the range of motion where boot stiffness changes suddenly is gone.

To get more forward lean and better durability, some material has to be added, so there is a weight penalty of 14g per lever assembly (28g total). For reference, this is the equivalent of putting 1/4 of a Clif Bar in each boot. 

One note on compatibility. As is, these don't fit on boots with the carbon cuff, such as the Lupo Factory, without a shim. A shim kit for your boots can be found here If you are feeling handy, shims can also be made fairly easily. The thickness is 2mm and longer screws (M5x10) are required.

To summarize:

  • Won't break 
  • 2.5 degrees more forward lean
  • No weird dead zone when rebounding to neutral after flexing into the tongue
  • Total added weight equivalent to half a Clif Bar
  • All stainless hardware including pins and springs
  • Fits years 2018-current

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