Been wondering if there are any reviews around to see how things fair in the real world? Here's a bunch of them in one place.
  • Nomad 4

    "After testing the Cascade Components link, I think the average weekend warrior to the most seasoned pinner would benefit from the upgrade. Not only do I recommend using the Cascade Components link, but I would never go back to riding my bike without it."

    Loam Wolf 
  • Process 153

    "An increase in progressivity plus an extra 7mm of travel equals a bottomless feel that stays active over the more gnarly bits of trail. Who is the Cascade Link for? Riders looking to add a little more pop to their long-travel 29er while maintaining composure in the rough stuff."

  • Sentinel V1

    "In this single moment, I experienced firsthand the value of the Cascade link — the improved riding experience for big mountain and big hit riding. Not only is it worth the trade-off in terms of the additional weight it adds to the bike, but it is also definitely worth the financial cost of the component."

  • Stumpjumper Evo

    "If you’re looking for an improvement in downhill performance that can’t be ignored, then the Cascade Components aftermarket link is the ticket. I’ve been repeatedly impressed by how different the bike feels"

    Loam Wolf 
  • Sight

    "My “trail” bike is built to do everything from gnarly shuttle days on wicked steep terrain to group rides and this was the missing link (pun intended  ) to perfect my setup. The link does not take away from the rideability in mellow terrain but pays dividends when the trail gets rough."

    Loam Wolf 
  • Druid

    "What a sweet time to be alive, when aftermarket engineering is not just purple anodized brake boosters but actual performance enhancing components. Sure a 300 USD piece of metal may not be the right solution to a pedal smasher in rolling hills, but if you are trying to increase your margin of error on the steepest side of the moon, I think this is a worthy investment."