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Transmission Derailleur Cage

Transmission Derailleur Cage

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Been thinking of an aftermarket cage for your Transmission derailleur or need one because yours broke? Our cage offering ticks the boxes: sturdy construction, smooth shifting, stainless hardware, no loss in clearance even with the oversized lower pulley, and a surprisingly reasonable price point compared to other aftermarket cages. How did we maintain clearance with an oversized lower pulley? It is simple really. A slightly larger length of chain wraps around the pully wheel, which allowed us to decrease the distance between the upper and lower pulleys slightly. On top of that, the part of the cage that we have found most prone to damage, the outer lower corner on the front side of the lower pulley wheel, is fully replaceable and not critical to the structure of the cage. So, if you damage it, you can just swap it for a new one without having to worry about replacing the entire cage. Additionally, our cage maintains an offset angle, like the stock cage, between the upper and lower pulley wheels which helps minimize cross chaining when in lower gears.


  • Weight: 112g (stock cage is 102g)
  • 14T upper pulley
  • 18T lower pulley
  • Colors: blacked out, silver with black accents
  • Made in the USA


This is very important! Our cage uses the 3rd gear as the setup cog. Set up your derailleur as you usually would, but use gear three instead. Why did we choose 3rd gear for setup? We've found shifting is most sensitive to B tension in lower gears so we chose to set B tension a quarter of the way in as opposed to half.


Installation is straight forward, however it requires a slightly less common tool. Both screws that are required to be removed use a 3mm security hex. Acquire one of those and follow the steps shown in this quick video:

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