Big Brake Kits Get Big Gains

How do we get more braking power, what does it mean in the real world, and why might you want it?

Where does the power come from?

Our calipers utilize larger pistons. The power increase is how much bigger they are compared to the pistons in the caliper they replace. Usually this would result in the lever feel becoming more mushy. We tune the pad retract to offset this and keep the feel you are used to.

What will this do for you out on the trail?

For the most part, we always brake as hard as we need to. No more, no less. Power increase is most noticeable when it comes to how much you are squeezing the levers. You'll find yourself squeezing less than before, which translates to less hand fatigue. Interestingly, we have found that this leads to easier handling when braking super hard. There are certain high-traction situations where more power lets you slow down faster than before. This is apparent spots like rock slabs and g-outs.

What's it good for?

Riding steeps, going fast, and heavy set ups benefit the most. Need to get your speed wrangled in after a high speed jump? Yeah these will do. Banging out park laps? Just the thing.

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