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Orbea Rise Preload Kit (2020-2022)

Orbea Rise Preload Kit (2020-2022)

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This kit is designed to be used in conjunction with our Rise link to completely solve all issues and concerns with the links migrating outwards on the splines due to side loads. Truth be told, a single pinch clamp often isn't adequate to react all side loads from the rear end. Included is a through bolt, washer, nut, and bearing spacer. The bearing spacer gets installed between the two bearings in the seat tube. This allows the two links to be clamped together through the inner races of the bearings without overloading them axially. The washer and nut are designed specifically for use with our link and nest into it nicely for a no-extra-bulk look. Additionally, the nut keys into the pinch clamp slot so that you only need a tool to tighten the through bolt. If you have had your links slide outwards on the spline and/or are concerned about it, this kit is the ticket.


Installing the preload kit entirely and correctly is key to its functionality. Please watch the video below for details. Using the spacer between the frame bearings is key to achieving proper clamping across the bearing stack without overloading the bearings.

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