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Turbo Levo Link

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The Turbo Levo link brings the descending performance found in our Stumpjumper and SL links to the Levo. By increasing the progressivity, it helps prevent harsh bottom outs while maintaining small bump sensitivity and offering more mid-stroke support. What does this translate to on the trail? The Levo link makes the bike maintain traction better, while remaining composed through big hits and providing a more solid platform to push against in corners and jumping.

Whether you are using the stock shock or a coil, the Turbo Levo link will allow you to tune the rear end to feel better all around.


  • 158mm of travel with stock 210×52.5mm shock
  • Progression increases to 23% from 16%
  • Keeps geometry identical to stock geometry
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 Aluminum in the USA
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Orange

Turbo Levo Leverage Ratio Chart

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Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We're excited to offer free shipping to customers in all 50 US states!

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