General Update

We haven’t posted any news since the Bronson links were machining. Quite a lot has happened since then! We rolled out the Megatower links and then just officially released the Stumpjumper links. Originally we were going to release the link for the new Hightower prior to the Stumpjumper link, but there were some issues with the packaging of our test frame. Ultimately had to wait over a month for a replacement. Now that we have the replacement frame and the Stumpjumper links are released, the Hightower link is back on the front burner. Testing should go fairly quickly since we have a decent amount of experience with this suspension layout, so keep an eye out for something later in the spring. The link should be out before the season is in full swing.

There have been a lot of questions about whether or not we will be doing a link for the Transition Sentinel. We are working through the kinematics at the moment. If we can get the kinematics where we want them we will machine a prototype. If the prototype rides well and is sufficiently machinable we’ll move it to production.

Lastly… the not as fun part of the update. As a result of COVID-19, we will only be shipping links two or three times per week. So if you place an order, don’t expect to see a tracking number the following day. We’ll get it shipped that same week, but there may be a delay. We will be answering emails and phone calls as normal, so if you have any questions we’ll get back right away!

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