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Yeti SB150 Link

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The wait is over! Our SB150 link brings all the kinematic changes needed to greatly improve the SB150’s descending. Progression is increased from 17% to 26%. As a result, there’s significantly better small bump sensitivity, mid-stroke support, and bottom out resistance. This increase in progression also allows the suspension to pair much more nicely with coil shocks.

Towards the top of travel, our SB150 link has greatly improved small bump sensitivity. This allows the bike to track and hold a line better than ever and not get as hung up on square edge hits. As the suspension compresses, the ramp up provides a smooth transition to mid-stroke support. The added support helps the bike corner and provides a better platform to push against through jumps and g-outs. The SB150 link also ramps up significantly more at the end of travel to help prevent harsh bottom outs.

As with all our links, the SB150 link retains the pedaling characteristics of the stock link. Anti-squat is dependent upon the location of the slider pivot, and that has been positioned such that this trait is the same.


  • 155mm of travel
  • Increased to 26% progressive compared to 15% with stock link
  • Slackens bike 0.5 degrees and lowers BB 7mm
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 aluminum in the USA
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Orange

Yeti SB150 Leverage Ratio Chart

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Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We're excited to offer free shipping to customers in all 50 US states!

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