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Sometimes we have links that don't look 100% perfect but they still ride 100% perfect.  These links are too nice to go to the recycler so we are passing them on to you at a discounted price.

Links sold as scratch and dent fall in to a few categories:

1) Machining imperfection - there may be some errant or less-than-perfect tool paths (these account for the majority of the scratch and dent links)

2) Anodizing imperfection - color may be a bit off

3) Surface imperfection - link may have surface scratches from the manufacturing process

4) Previously been installed - these links may have been installed to verify fitment and may have a few small scuffs and scratches here and there

All links sold as scratch and dent are perfectly functional and come with new Enduro MAX bearings installed.  The scratch and dent section of the store is always being updated when we have links available so continue to check back if you are looking to save on a Cascade Components link. 

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