Cascade Components Bronson LT link

The Bronson LT link makes the Santa Cruz Bronson what it always should have been.

The stock Santa Cruz Bronson suspension has isn’t especially progressive, which makes it easy to bottom out when riding aggressively. Hence why the stock shock ships with volume spacers installed. Borrowing from the Nomad LT’s design philosophy, we developed the Bronson LT link to add progression over stock.

The more progressive link maintains all the pedaling characteristics that the stock Bronson layout has while adding much needed descending performance. Along with increased bottom out resistance, the link greatly increases small bump sensitivity. As a result, there is much more traction over rough terrain and no harsh bottom outs. As one of our testers put it, “it was pretty rad how well the rear tire tracked the ground. It made me laugh actually.” On top of that, the link puts the BB height approximately 2.5 mm lower than the low setting on the stock link, which translates to a lower center of gravity, improving cornering and makes the bike feel more stable. Increasing the rear wheel travel to 160 mm also makes the suspension feel more balanced with 160 and 170 mm forks.

The Bronson LT link makes an already well-rounded bike even more versatile, and opens up shock and tuning options for riders. With the stock Bronson link, Santa Cruz actually recommends not running a coil shock. Now coils can easily be run without over-springing and volume spacers can be removed. The link also adds shock clearance so larger diameter shocks such as the Float X2 can more comfortably fit in the frame.

Bronson leverage curve comparison
  • 160 mm of travel with stock 210 mm x 55 mm shock
  • +5 mm chainstay length
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • Increased shock clearance
  • 8 mm x 30 mm eyelet spacing
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: silver, black, and red

Shock Compatibility


  • Super Deluxe coil
  • Super Deluxe air


  • DHX2
  • Float X2
  • DPX2


  • TTX22 Coil
  • TTX Air

Cane Creek

  • DB Coil
  • DB Air

Set Up FAQs

Both work well. For trails with lots of rock and roots, we recommend the coil setup as it will smooth these out and provide more traction, and for trails with lots of big hits the air will always feel more bottomless.

Using the spring rate listed below will provide more bottom out resistance than the stock link, but if you want even more, try going up 50 lbs in spring rate. Unlike the stock link, it is not necessary to over-spring the shock to prevent bottoming out so no need to run excessively stiff springs to avoid this!

This link will also feel more supple with the recommended spring rate listed below. However, for steep rough terrain, going down 25 lbs in spring rate can be beneficial. The bottom limit for spring rate is really dictated by ride height. You will know you’ve gone too low if pedaling becomes awkward.

The BB is 6.5 mm lower than the Bronson is in it’s high setting (2.5 mm lower than low). As a result, the bike feels more stable since the center of gravity is lower, which is especially noticeable in the steeps and in corners. The Bronson LT link rails corners better than the stock link.

Longer chainstays will make the bike more stable at speed especially through rough terrain. They also make it harder to wheelie out while climbing. However, at +5 mm, the added chainstay length won’t be especially noticeable.

There is not a grease port on this link. We have found that by the time the bearings need greasing they also usually need to be replaced. We chose to go with sealed Enduro MAX bearings and forgo the grease port because the bearings will last longer in harsh conditions. The bearings are the same size so you can still use the Santa Cruz lifetime bearing replacements, but they just won’t be sealed.

Recommended Spring Rates

Rider WeightSpring RatePreload
120 lbs (54.4 kg)375 lbs1 turn
140 lbs (63.5 kg)425 lbs 1 turn
160 lbs (72.6 kg)500 lbs 1 turn
180 lbs (81.8 kg)550 lbs 1 turn
200 lbs (90.7 kg)600 lbs 1 turn
220 lbs (99.8 kg)650 lbs 1 turn