Bronson LT Links Back on the CNC

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Our second batch of Bronson LT links are now on the machine. This means backordered links will be fulfilled soon! This run is larger than the initial one so we should have them in stock for longer this time around.

Because the Bronson link has been really popular the Megatower links had to get delayed so we could fulfill existing Bronson orders. That said, everything is prepped and ready to go for the Megatower links so they go on the machine right after the Bronson links are done.

In other news, we are working on a link for the new Hightower as well as the Stump Jumper Evo.

Cascade Components Bronson LT link

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  1. beau baigas
    | Reply

    Hi I was wanted to get the link that allowed me to use my stock shock on my Nomad 4 that gives it 177mm travel. I know it would increase the chain stay length slightly but would it make the head angle slacker? If I were to put a 29 wheel on the front with the new link would that would raise the bb I assume but would it slack out the head angle even more? Thanks.

    • Jimmy Davis
      | Reply

      The Nomad link doesn’t affect how slack the bike is. We did this to ensure that it pedals just as well as the stock configuration. The link is a direct swap over, so installation is really easy. Putting a 29″ wheel on the front will only raise the BB if you leave the fork travel the same. I would recommend running the fork at 160 as this will have approximately the same ride height as a 180 mm 27.5 fork. 170 mm would also work but it might slacken the bike out more than you want. Fortunately it’s easy to switch between the two as all it requires is a different air shaft. One of our customers has already run a 160 mm fork with a 29″ wheel and our link and he really liked that set up.

  2. Mercer Hawks
    | Reply

    I am very interested in a link for my megatower! Please email me when they’re available to order.
    Thank you,
    Mercer Hawks

    • Jimmy Davis
      | Reply

      Will do! I’ve added your email to the list.

  3. Thomas
    | Reply


    can you provide us customers with more charts? I´m interessted in anti-rise, anti-squad and pedalkickback, especally in comparison with the original curves. I want to see how your link effects that and I think that makes your product more transparent in general.

    I´m looking forward to your hightower-linkage, that could be a great upgrade for bikers who want to have megatower and can only afford a aluminum-hightower.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Best regards,

  4. AffiliateLabz
    | Reply

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. George Steinhagen
    | Reply

    Good Afternoon,

    I purchased the Bronson LT link and installed it with no issues. I then purchased a MRP Hazzard coil shock. (210X55) with 8X20 and 8X30 bushings. The shock does not fit? Do I have the right hardware? Or is the Hazzard coil just not compatible with the Bronson?

    Thank you,

    • Jimmy Davis
      | Reply

      Which part of the shock doesn’t seem to fit? We haven’t heard of any issues with that spring size, but maybe there is something new here that we didn’t previously know of.

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