Extraordinary Suspension Performance

We have developed a range of linkages that cater to aggressive riding in rough terrain by delivering more traction and more bottom out resistance. If you ride for the downs, look no further!

Cascade Components Nomad LT link

The Nomad LT

Our flagship link that improves your Nomad’s suspension performance without hindering pedaling. The Nomad 4’s suspension isn’t progressive enough for aggressive riding, especially with a coil spring. The Nomad LT offers more progression, which gives the necessary bottom out protection for coil shocks. This also allows running fewer volume spacers in air shocks. On top of this there’s the benefit of longer chainstays and the ability to run a longer stroke shock for an extra 20 mm of travel.

Gone are the days where over forking your Nomad with 180 mm of travel is the only way to gain downhill performance. The Nomad LT link allows the front and rear suspension to more evenly balance, providing a superior feel while descending. Whether your Nomad is your everyday ride, enduro machine, or park bike, this link will take the suspension to the next level!

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Cascade Components Megatower LT link

CNC Machined

Designed, made, and tested in the Pacific Northwest by riders. Not only is every feature CNC machined, all the critical surfaces that interface with the frame are hit in the same setup for the maximum possible accuracy. The Nomad LT link is a high quality component that maintains aesthetics.

Designing and machining high quality parts is our expertise. We have experience in many industries including aerospace, optomechanics, and dive equipment. The design of our links has drawn from this experience and held nothing back. Extensive kinematic analysis and iteration has gone into the designs.

We have put significant effort into R&D. Our components have been ridden hard and worked on from day one by engineers to ensure nothing was overlooked. With 17 years of riding in the PNW, we know what goes into a quality component. Our links have seen some of the best riding the region has to offer and have proven themselves every time!

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